For the larger businesses with over a thousand users on site, we recommend running our Onsite VoIP solution.

Fully managed by us; you get all of the advantages of the VoIP Anywhere package, plus all internal calls stay within your organisation, helping to reduce your Internet bandwidth requirements.

Locked into a contract but want to save today?

If you are using any traditional call centre system – such as from Avaya or BT – but are locked into a long-term contract with expense call charges, the VoIP Onsite system can still save you money before your contract ends.

We have a three-stage transition plan which has saved thousands for our larger clients.

  • Stage 1

    We connect your existing traditional phone system to our VoIP Onsite system and route all outbound calls through it so that you instantly make substantial savings on your outbound calls as well as get all the benefits of the system’s flexibility. Inbound calls still come into the system via your existing ISDN2 or ISDN30 line

  • Stage 2

    At the end of your original contract, the ISDN lines are removed thereby saving you the associated costs

  • Stage 3

    We replace all of the original phones with the most suitable SIP phones for your requirements

Who this service is for

If you are a larger business with many hundreds of extensions then Onsite VoIP could be the ideal solution for your business. Our fully managed on-site system is completely private to your business only and means that all your internal calls stay internal, reducing network bandwidth requirements.

Call Centre Features and Benefits

  • In addition to supplying the VoIP system we can also provide QoS Wall Monitors* for showing overall call statistics – such as number of calls waiting, average time to answer and average call length

  • We can also configure bespoke IVR and Queuing systems that seamlessly route calls to the right department, ultimately making your customer experience smooth and pain free

*These systems will also work on our VoIP Anywhere system.

Commercial benefits

  • You will no longer need to pay for UK landline calls, as these are inclusive within the VOIP platform – saving a considerable cost *(Fair Usage Policy applies).
  • Mobile phone call costs are considerably lower than all other traditional providers like BT and Virgin media tariffs.
  • ISDN fees can simply be removed from the budget, as they are no longer required.
  • All of our costs to you are fixed and predictable. The bundles of minutes are based on fair usage and the inclusive UK landline calls have no upper limit.
  • Control of your telephone costs through transparent business-level reporting that shows call reports and trending, including call centre information

Conference Call Capabilities

Both cost-effective and beneficial for the environment, businesses can use conference calls to quickly, easily and efficiently receive updates, plan future meetings and much more.

The TEK185 conference system helps to maintain productive business relationships with both your current clients and internal employees.

No organisation should have to struggle with low-quality Skype calls, especially if they are trying to take on a new customer. From engaging sales prospects to liaising with different departments, the TEK185 cloud based conference services give you high-quality calls at the push of a button.

The system’s features and benefits

  • Simple installation and set up

  • Various on-hold music selections

  • Pay as you go or monthly contracts

  • Cost effective telecommunication rates

  • Free call recordings

  • Professional voice artist welcome message*

How do you use the system?

It’s as simple as 1,2,3

  • Dial your individual conference phone number

  • Enter your Host pin

  • Ask your team or client to call the number, and enter their optional, unique candidate PIN

Conference calls are ideal for businesses who want to reduce their carbon footprint from excess travel, or those who want to reduce operating costs of their existing telephone conference services.

*Can be arranged at a cost or if you use the services as a monthly subscriber this is free for the first message.

We won’t lock you in

Designed for larger businesses, the TEK185 call centre solution has made managing the customer journey easier than ever. We fully manage it, so you don’t have to.

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