We are on the lookout for talented and committed individuals to join our team. Get in touch today if you believe you would be a good fit for the opportunities below.

Sales Director (Australia)

We are looking for a dedicated, passionate and self driven individual that can bring strengths in sales and marketing to our Australian division.

To become a sales director in TEK185 you will be required to demonstrate your ability to bring in business of all size and have a handle on the current professional networks which can connect you to your next potential client engagement.

This position comes with the responsibility to build on and mould an innovative, passionate and productive sales and marketing team.

When applying for this position you will need to show your skills in marketing and sales by thinking out side of the box and being innovative in the way that you apply. Be creative, Be innovative, Be different.

We look forward to seeing what you do and how you make contact.

Apprenticeship Opportunity (UK) (Droxford Office)

We Have a unique position vacant for an Apprenticeship in our Droxford Office (UK).

The candidate must have/be:

  • Positive attitude that give our customers and directors confidence
  • Energetic in everything they do
  • Passionate about their career
  • Innovative
  • Fantastic organisational skills
  • Good phone manner
  • Committed
  • Able to be flexible with working hours on occasions

The position is for a company apprentice and you will report to the office manager or Directors PA. The position will be varied and you will get to work in all departments in the UK operation. This will give you the opportunity to see the entire business and then see where you would like to progress and focus.

If you would like to apply for this position you will need to think out side of the box with your application. Simply sending in a CV with not get you an interview or even the Directors time to consider your application. Be creative, Be innovative, Be different.

We look forward to your application.

Sales Executives (Australia)

Australia is a massive marketplace for TEK185, and we are enhancing and growing our team across Brisban, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Darwin and localised areas to these.

If you are a self-motivated, passionate individual that can work both in isolation and in a remote team, then we want to talk to you.

Sales experience is a bonus, but sales training will be given to anyone that has the right get up and go attitude.

This position will report directly into the Australian Sales Director and comes with many benefits of fantastic pay structure, Amazing bonuses, Health and Dental insurances, Pension, Work Life Balance Scheme, Flexible working hours and much more.

While we all have fun at TEK185 and enjoy life to the maximum, there is also a serious side. Sales is the key to our and your future with us so only apply if you are the sort of person that will speak to people and communicate with passion and drive. You have to be a people person in this role and have a passion for our brand and products.

When applying for this position, you will need to show us why we should choose you by being innovative in your application, think outside of the box and do something radical. Boring won’t get you a position at TEK185.

Be creative, Be innovative, Be different.

We look forward to seeing what you do and how you make contact.

Office Administrator (UK) (Droxford Office)

We are looking for someone that is a bit different, someone that is organised and passionate about organising the company’s finer details that get missed in the day to day operations. We are looking for a person with a commercialised title of Office Admin or Executive assistant. However, we like to name this position “Office GOD”

If you are a working mum/dad someone that wants to work part time or full time, who lives in the local or close surrounding areas of Droxford/Bishops Waltham/Wickham and feel that you can join an energetic, driven and passionate team then you should apply.

If you are about to go type up a CV and send it over to us, PLEASE DONT BOTHER, you will bore us to death and it will end up in the bin. Spent that time on thinking about a different way to apply, think outside of the box, be innovative and have some fun.

Be creative, Be innovative, Be different.

We look forward to your application.

Note to recruitment agencies

TEK185 Ltd have a very strong relationship with several recruitment agencies local to each office across the globe to which we have built a high standard of understanding for each other. We will therefore not accept calls or CVs from other recruitment agencies.

We won’t lock you in

If you’re looking for an engaging and exciting position within our company, we’d love to hear from you.

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