Competition is so fierce for business; and with the range of suppliers available, choosing the right connectivity for your organisation can be a minefield.

  • Get it wrong, and you could end up locked into a costly solution that does not meet your requirements, which is a complete waste of time, money and resources

  • Get it right, and you can quickly, easily and reliably connect with your clients, suppliers, partners and branch offices

Your business needs the right connectivity solution

At TEK185, our mission is to provide you with the most cost effective business connectivity solution, based on your specific needs. We take the time to find out about you, and that’s where we’re different from other suppliers.

By partnering with the biggest telecoms networks in the UK, TEK185 can supply almost any connectivity service or product.

Whether you need something as simple as “the fastest broadband I can get” or a complex and business critical solution that mixes Leased lines, Broadband, MPLS and redundant failover connections, we’re here to help.

Talk to TEK185 today and let us help you design the right connectivity solution for your business.

Your business needs reliable connectivity

Very few businesses can survive without the Internet for any period of time, so we only specialise in delivering the best connectivity solutions. Unreliable, slow and troublesome Internet connections cost money and lose client trust – both yours and ours.

Our network only carries business traffic

  • Unlike most ISPs who supply both the home and business sectors, our network is clean, fast and for business traffic only

  • It does not contend with high usage residential customers downloading videos and clogging up your connection

  • Our Leased Line and P2P connections are sourced through our partner suppliers; including British Telecom (BT), Virgin amongst other large providers. This ensures you get the most cost-effective and best solution for your business requirements

Why use TEK185 over BT or any other provider

At TEK185, we’re don’t think that one size fits all. Regardless of the stage of your business, we always give a personalised service, combined with a bespoke solution based on your requirements.

We go above and beyond to understand the individual requirements of every business to help identify what solution is needed. Our team of trained specialists will then give you specific advice based on your current situation.  

In the event of any questions or issues there is only one number to call that is answered on average in less than two minutes. All calls are logged and a single support technician will follow your query through until it is resolved quickly and smoothly.

To find out how we can boost your effectiveness with faster and more reliable connectivity, call us today.

We won’t lock you in

You won’t have to worry about online streaming or buffering with TEK185. Our connectivity packages give you the most cost-effective solution to unreliable Internet.

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