If you are looking for an easy, low cost, flexible Internet Telephony (VoIP) system, the TEK185 “VoIP Anywhere” package gives you £100,000 worth of features for just £9.50+VAT* RRP per extension per month including 1000 minutes to 01, 02 and 03 numbers (additional volume discounts apply).

* Based on a standard service with a minimum of 5 extensions.

Who is VoIP Anywhere for?

  • Businesses who are looking to get away from their expensive and fixed contract traditional PSTN landlines

  • Businesses who need flexibility in their phone system, with the ability to instantly add or remove extra lines and capacity at the click of the button

  • Businesses who want to be able to route calls through to different extensions or physical phones depending on time of day, number of rings, phone number and much more

What do you get?

Our Flexible VOIP Solutions are fully managed and completely cloud based. We don’t tie you down with long term contracts; it’s just a one month rolling contract, so you can be assured that we supply great service as we want to keep you as happy customers.

All you need are the SIP compliant phones (which we can supply) and an Internet connection. Any existing ISDN lines or analogue lines (except one for any Broadband connection) are no longer required.

Your subscription includes

  • Unrestricted access to all features of the £100K Enterprise Grade Hosted phone system and any future upgrades
  • A call package that is designed to include all of your phone usage requirements. In most cases your fees are fixed and all-inclusive
  • Unlimited support, maintenance and configuration changes
  • A fully managed service; completely removing the hassle and expense of managing the solution in-house
  • A large selection of on-hold music
  • One bespoke recorded message or menu items recorded by professional UK voice artists (thereafter charged at £35 a recording)

Commercial benefits

  • We are one of the most competitive Geographical (UK landline) providers for calls – meaning your business benefits from substantial savings
  • Mobile phone call costs are considerably lower than all other traditional providers like BT and Virgin media tariffs
  • Any ISDN fees can simply be removed from your budget, as ISDN lines are no longer required
  • All of our costs to you are fixed and predictable. The bundles of minutes are based on fair usage and the inclusive UK landline calls have no upper limit
  • Control of your telephone costs through transparent, business level reporting that shows call reports and trending, including call centre information

Phone System Key Features and Benefits

  • Call transfers, on-hold and call waiting
  • On-hold music
  • Intelligent ‘Follow-me’ call routing and ‘Hunt’ groups
  • Customised Conferencing facilities
  • Call centre facilities (Queuing)
  • Digital voice mailbox for each extension (voicemails can be emailed to staff as an MP3 or WAV file)
  • Day/Night control with profile auto-adjusts for out of hours messages
  • Phones can be stretched across any location in the world
  • Use of a desk phone, mobile phone or Outlook add-in as your internal extension
  • Automatic disaster recovery failover
  • Intelligent menu systems / auto-attendant
  • Fully managed
  • Access to a reporting console

How does VoIP Anywhere work?

As VoIP Anywhere is a hosted or cloud based phone system, all you need is an Internet connection and a SIP phone.

When each individual VoIP phone is turned on and connected to the Internet, it registers to the central system.

Any incoming phone calls are then routed from the central system to your VoIP phone, where ever it is located. Because the calls are first routed to the central system, they can be handled intelligently through configurable rules.

This means the system can make several phones ring at the same time. It can redirect to a call handling service if no one answers; put calls into a queue, play pre-recorded adverts whilst people are waiting or act as an IVR.

Calls can also be recorded for compliance and wall monitors can be used to show call centre statistics (such as call waiting).

This flexibility also means the system can support an unrestricted number of inbound or outbound calls. It will provide your site regardless of location with an automatic disaster recovery solution, simply by moving the handsets to another Internet enabled location.

Who is this for?

VoIP Anywhere is for any small to medium sized business who wants to save money on their telephony, whilst still benefiting from a enterprise telephony system – all on a thirty day rolling contract. If your business could benefit from our cloud-based system, then get in touch with us today.

Conference Call Capabilities

Hosting a conference telephone call is more beneficial than a face-to-face meeting. It saves time, saves money and is better for the environment.

The VoIP Anywhere conference call system means that talking to clients, engaging sales prospects or holding inter-department meetings has never been easier. Gone are the days where you waste time searching for the right technology, or lose reputation thanks to poor quality Skype calls.

The system’s features and benefits

  • Low call rates

  • Choice of on-hold music

  • Professional voice artist welcome message*

  • Pay as you go or monthly contracts

  • Free call recordings

  • Simple to use and setup

How do you use the system?

It’s as simple as 1,2,3

  • Call your dedicated conference number

  • Enter your pin as a Host

  • Ask your participants to call the dedicated number and enter an optional candidate PIN

This service is for businesses who want to reduce the costs associated with any existing telephone conference system or who wishes to start saving time and money by using teleconferencing instead of always meeting face to face.

*Can be arranged at a cost or if you use the services as a monthly subscriber this is free for the first message.

We won’t lock you in

Taking conference calls or keeping in regular contact with future prospects has never been easier with the TEK185 VoIP Anywhere package. We can help, you just need to let us.

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