TEK185 is one of the very few providers who supply analogue PSTN lines to businesses with no contract length, competitive pricing and call plans that save you money, complete with fully itemised billing.

Despite rapid growth in VoIP and mobile technologies, many businesses still rely on the traditional phone line to stay in touch with customers and suppliers. However, a standard PSTN line is still required to host any ADSL or FTTC broadband connections to your home or offices.

How it works

Our fully managed, cost effective and versatile PSTN solution offers a choice of options to suit your requirements including business single or multi-line options. A host of Select Services are also available dependent on the line type including caller ID display, 1571 messaging, call divert and many more.

  • If you have an existing line, we can transfer it across to our systems within an average of 10 working days, without any disruption to your existing service. You will not even have to change your number

  • If you require a new line, we can also supply this within on average 10 days, fully installed and ready to go

Who this service is for?

If you are a business and require traditional PSTN lines to either run a broadband connection or just because you only need a fixed line, call us to find out more.

We use Openreach – part of BT group to supply and support the physical line to your premises. This enables us to cover the whole of the UK and gives you front-line support in the event of any line faults. Using standard BT lines also means that any standard Broadband service can be added to the line.

You are not restricted to using the TEK185 broadband packages, however we are able to supply you both services and believe it is more cost effective for your business and makes support easier. If you are arranging a new PSTN installation we are able to supply broadband on a simultaneous basis ensuring that once the line is live, so is your broadband connection.

We won’t lock you in

Here at TEK185, we wouldn’t try to sell you a product you don’t need. Our PSTN system is perfect for any size of business. We’ll even do the initial transfer so you don’t have to.  

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