If you’re looking for a low cost UK based secure off-site cloud storage solution, then TEK185 is for you. We give your business access to files and data from any location, and build a bespoke, private cloud storage system based on your needs.

Our cloud storage has accessible interfaces, near-instant elasticity and scalability, true multi-tenancy and metered resources.  Our private cloud runs on highly available; protected, enterprise-grade equipment in multiple data centres based in the South of England.

You only pay for the storage you actually use during the month and costs are classified as an operating expense rather than capital expense.

Protecting your end user data

Employees often store data files locally on their computers.  This can present a massive compliance and data security headache for system administrators.  It also means documents are repeatedly copied and emailed around your organisation with no version control, with no easy way for team collaboration.

To enable our clients to work more efficiently we offer a hosted secure cloud storage system for teams, businesses and organisations.

Similar to Dropbox, the system is hosted on your own UK based private cloud in the TEK185 virtual data centre.

The benefits include

  • Multi-platform and client connectivity
  • Revision and version control
  • Online file editing for text files
  • Group discussion boards
  • File Activity controls
  • WebDAV integration
  • Test search facilities
  • Scalable and Highly Available
  • User/Group management
  • Bespoke business branding

Who is this for?

Our cloud solution is idea for small to medium sized businesses with tens to hundreds of staff who need reliable, off-site storage. It is designed to take into account both extending server capabilities and end-user file security and revisions.

If you know your business could benefit from our cloud storage system, then get in touch with us today.

Extending your servers through the cloud

There are many reasons why businesses use cloud storage to enhance their servers:

  • Remote data access

  • Additional or tertiary storage

  • Secure backup

  • Business continuity and disaster recovery

  • Compliance or historical archiving

We can connect any Windows or Unix based server to our private cloud either over the Internet or if required through more secure private dedicated lines.

We won’t lock you in

Gone are the days you keep filing cabinets stocked with wads of paper. The TEK185 cloud storage solution gives you instant access, increased off-site security and bespoke business branding.

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