The continuous growth, faster connections and improved reliability of the Internet enables all businesses to benefit from flexible and low cost Internet Telephony (VoIP) and conferencing solutions. But how could your business use this technology?

Benefits of flexible (VoIP) Internet telephony

In a nutshell, VoIP technology simply routes telephone calls over the Internet rather than down traditional PSTN lines.

The advantages of this include that your calls can be routed to any location, extra phones lines can be added or removed at the click of the button and your system can be easily configured or updated as you need it.

Our flexible VoIP solutions work for any business regardless of size; whether you are a small local company with a few tracked numbers routed to a couple of phones, or a large call centre with thousands of lines all being recorded for compliance purposes.

Why use VoIP vs. traditional phone lines (PSTN)

  • On average your telephony operating costs will be reduced by 60%
  • Our VoIP Anywhere package runs on a one month rolling contract
  • Fixed monthly costs all inclusive of calls, license fees, services and support
  • Full disaster recovery/business continuity support
  • Flexible call routing and follow me services and hunt groups
  • Existing phone numbers can usually be ported onto the new system with no disruption in service

VoIP Anywhere and VoIP Onsite

Wherever you may be located in the world, the power and flexibility of the TEK185 VoIP system will ensure you are always open for business. There are two systems available, VoIP Anywhere and VoIP Onsite.

VoIP Anywhere is a hosted cloud based solution that enables the smaller to medium sized businesses access a £100,000 Enterprise level VoIP solution for as little as £9.50+VAT* per month – including 1000 minutes of call time to 01, 02 and 03 numbers.

VoIP Onsite is for businesses that require 1000+ extensions and need their own dedicated in-house system.

So whether you have a single extension in your home office or thousands of extensions spread across multi-national offices, the TEK185 solution will route calls around your organisation as you choose and can be configured with a different profile for after hour calls.

* Based on a standard service with a minimum of 5 extensions.

Save travel time and money with VoIP Telephone Conferencing

We help our customers save money, time and effort by hosting crystal clear conference calls through our Enterprise Grade Telephony system.

Using VoIP conference calls to speak to your prospects, clients, suppliers and partners on a regular basis is an effective way to build and maintain relationships, progress projects and win additional work.

Improve your marketing using tracked numbers

Through the use of geographic and non-geographic numbers, we help clients’ track marketing campaigns, appear bigger in the public domain and seem local to their wider client base.

  • Geographic numbers are telephone numbers specific to a town or city in the UK

  • Non–geographic numbers are the 08 and 03 range of numbers – such as 0870, 0800, 0300, 0333

Why work with TEK185

If you need a new telephone solution, want to lower your bills or want to track your calls then speak to us at TEK185.

Unlike most VoIP suppliers, we want to understand you, your goals and your approach to the future of your business. Only when we understand your business requirements do we recommend a solution that enables you to best serve your clients.

We won’t lock you in

Ideal for any sized business, our telecom solutions can be uses worldwide. From tracked marketing numbers to VoIP conference calls, you’ll always find a product to suit your needs.

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