Tracked geographic and non-geographic phones numbers benefits businesses in three key ways.

They enable a business to track marketing campaigns, appeal to local consumers and appear larger than they actually are.

Test and measurement

The saying “I know half of my advertising is wasted. The trouble is, I don’t know which half” is attributed to many business legends including Henry Ford, Lord Leverhulme and John Wanamaker.

Fortunately with today’s technology it is easy to test, measure and evaluate any marketing campaign through the use of tracked phone numbers.

  • Test and measurement is key to any successful marketing campaign. Along with website analytics, using individual phone numbers to track a particular online or print advert is an essential way of seeing where people are calling from

  • Calls to tracked numbers are transparently forwarded onto an existing service – whether VoIP, a standard mobile or a landline

  • Our reporting software means you can see the effectiveness of your campaigns by monitoring what phone number is called most, so you know which marketing tactic is getting most traction

  • In addition, if using a VoIP phone, an identifying string can be shown on the display so you know why they are calling

Appearing Local

Consumers will often chose a service in their locality when searching for a solution to their problems. By using geographic numbers from different areas, you can make it appear that your business is based in different cities or countries.

Who is this for?

Tracked and geographic numbers are for any sized business who wants to test and measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, make itself appear larger or appeal to the local market. If your business could benefit from our tracked or marketing numbers, then get in touch with us today.

We won’t lock you in

Keep track of your marketing campaigns or target a specific location with the TEK185 tracked numbers package. Taking control has never been easier.

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