TEK185 has designed and built its Virtual Data Centre with resilience and network connectivity in mind. We are one of the few managed service providers with experience in both networks and hosting.

Whether you are looking to virtualise your first server or move your entire infrastructure into a private cloud, we can build you a personalised, secure infrastructure that fits your specific business needs.

We can host any system or application and can connect to most networks, including the private health care network – N3.  We can scale at short notice and most importantly, compared to the bigger services, be completely bespoke to your requirements.

Enterprise Security and Reliability

Data protection and privacy of data is often given as an objection to why it is better to run in-house systems but this is now an unnecessary concern. Our systems are far more secure and protected than most businesses ever have for their internal systems.

  • Our enterprise grade servers are located in secure tier 3 data centres across the globe that can only be accessed by authorised users
  • Weight sensors guard the tier 3 data centres from physical theft
  • Everything is protected against a single point of failure (multiple power supplies, firewalls, switches and carriers)
  • All data is stored on RAID 6 systems that protect your data in the event of even two simultaneous disk failures
  • As experts in cloud security, we have strict processes and operations to ensure you are safe from social engineering or manipulation type attacks.
  • DDOS attacks are prevented by our Firewalls
  • PCI-DSS compliancy and data security

Business Agility

  • We believe that scalability and flexibility are important to any growing business, so we do not tie you down with extended contracts

  • We run a simple one month rolling contract with just one month’s notice – this means we can help you easily deploy new services, scale systems at busy times, pool resources and change capacity the moment you need it


TEK185 are connectivity experts and can connect your dedicated private cloud to most systems including N3, the private and secure WAN connecting all NHS locations in England.

We are also RIPE partners with our own pools of pre-allocated IP4 and IP6 address ranges providing future proof networks and systems.

Monitoring and Protection

All our systems are carefully monitored with specialist software that predicts failures and fails over systems in the event of any unforeseen anomalies.  This ensures that your data and systems are secure and keep running.

Who this service is aimed at?

Our data centre and virtual solutions service is typically aimed at small to medium sized businesses who currently run a number of in-house servers and are now looking to delegate their IT hassles, lower costs, improve security and increase system availability.

To find out more about how your business could benefit from our virtual servers, then get in touch with us today.

We won’t lock you in

The TEK185 virtual servers are a personalised, bespoke hosting service we offer our customers. Don’t worry about security either; they’re protected by pressure sensors.

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